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Shaving cream and after shave gift box ⎪Mühle

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Mühle gift box that contains Aloe Vera shaving cream and after shave cream.

Beautifully and elegantly packaged, a great gift idea!

Shaving cream: The light and soft composition of the shaving cream guarantees a smooth shave. Aloe Vera soothes the skin and is excellent for sensitive skin. The natural ingredients of the shaving cream soothe and refresh the skin. Very good properties for wet shaving and a great alternative to traditional shaving soap. The composition is already softer, so working the foam is easy and fast.

After Shave: Gentle and moisturizing after shave cream. The fragrance is pleasantly light and fresh. Aloe Vera that soothes the skin after shaving and completes the shaving experience.

Package size: Shaving cream 75ml, After shave 100ml.

Mühle is a German, third-generation family business that manufactures traditional shaving products with decades of experience. Mühle's product range includes various products related to shaving and shaving care. Mühle products are known for their quality and detailed finishing.