Baruffaldi Supercompetition goggles

Product code: BF-104119


Handmade stylish classic goggles. Genuine soft chrome tanned nappa leather.

Includes two lenses, one bright and some darkened. Tinted glasses are easy to attach on top of clear glasses. The color of the leather is light brown. Made in Italy by hand.

Baruffaldi has been making various types of glasses suitable for business since 1932. In order to nurture its traditions, Baruffaldi has wanted to preserve handicrafts and collections that respect history. Today, the collection includes many different types of goggles suitable for driving and other purposes. Baruffald’s handmade open-face helmets and driving hoods remind every gentleman of the more elegant side of driving. Baruffaldi is a brand for every gentleman, as owning a motorcycle is just a side issue.

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