Casual plaid blue blazer ⎪ Exibit

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This blue-gray, checkered Exibit Anzio blazer lacks twist or elegance! All in all, a gorgeous little jacket that is very easy to combine into many entities due to its color and design. For example, try on a sweater to create a carefree stylish casual outfit or dress up for a more festive moment as a guy in a collared shirt, finishing with accessories. Tip! It's really nice to combine these exibit unlined blazers with different and fun knitwear, for example!

The light and breathable material feels comfortable on top. The non-lining of the jacket gives you great flexibility and space to move around, and it doesn't even feel like you should be wearing a blazer! , inside breast pocket.

Material: 67% cotton, 23% natural wool, 10% polyester.

Made in Italy.

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