Large leather briefcase brown ⎪Chiarugi Globe Collection

Product code: CH-94551-B


Large brown leather briefcase that also holds a 16 "computer. The spacious leather briefcase is a practical and stylish choice for everyday use.

This Chiarug Globe Collection briefcase contains thoughtful details that meet practicality in the best possible way.

On the outside, there are two fair-sized pockets on the front of the briefcase with a zipper that holds great items in close proximity and very easy access. Inside, the briefcase is divided into two parts, with both the front and back inner walls finding several smaller pockets with and without a zipper to help keep the smaller items in order.

On the outside, at the back of the briefcase, there is a zippered pocket under which there is a so-called flap, which slits just enough from the wall of the bag so that the briefcase can be threaded comfortably into the suitcase handle, which makes it much easier to carry the bags together. (Note, see pictures.)

This stylish leather case comes with a detachable and padded computer case that protects the laptop, which also fits perfectly in the briefcase.

Large leather bag that works perfectly in everyday use. Unique design and well-crafted imprint, as well as craftsmanship are at the heart of Chiarug's bag making.

Size: 40 x 30 x 10

Color: Brown.

Made by hand in Italy.

Chiarug bags are made of high quality materials, with care and precision to withstand everyday use. Chiarugi is a company that really wants to support the tradition of handmade. The passion passed from father to son to create trendy products without compromising on quality and elegance. The skills and the oldest Italian leather handling and processing methods and their appreciation, as well as the unfailing modern taste are combined in these wonderful leather products.

Chiarugi offers true skill and style, straight from Italy.

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