Blue leather shoe⎪Jacopo Ridolfi

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Stunning blue leather shoes are handmade in Italy. Jacopo Ridolf's stylish leather shoes are an eye-catching detail in the dress!

If you are looking for something stylish and unique, these shoes are the right choice. Jacopo himself paints each shoe carefully from the start. Beautiful gray-blue leather shoes are a different but understated alternative for a gentleman looking for shade in outfits.

In addition to elegance, these Oxford leather shoes are really comfortable to wear! The shoes also have a leather sole.

Jacopo Ridolf's leather shoes come in a beautiful wooden box. When you buy a pair of Jacopo Ridolf shoes, you also get a shoe brush and a skin care product.

Jacopo Ridolf's leather shoes have a wide last. That's why we recommend ordering one number of shoes smaller than your usual shoe size. For example, if your shoe size is usually 43, we recommend that you choose size 42 from Jacopo Ridolf's shoes.

Jacopo Ridolf's stylish leather shoes are handmade in Italy with decades of experience.

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