Short wool jacket brown⎪Exhibit

Product code: EX-37276R-1-52

€164,50 €329

Stylish, practical and wonderfully soft Exibit short wool jacket. This jacket really works great in everyday life and keeps you very warm even in cold weather. A clean and insanely comfortable woolen jacket for a gentleman who wants to raise himself above everyday life!

Incredibly gorgeous, soft woolen fabric is a wonderfully warm material that does not sweat when used. The design of the jacket is just the right length and fits.

It also adds a nice color to the wearer's face and is very easy to combine in the dress with many wholes while adding a little twist!

The jacket has four good sized pockets on the outside.

Color: Ash brown

Material: 68% wool 27% polyamide 5% blend of different fibers

Made in Italy.

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