Barbieri Italia Balsamo Idratante shaving conditioner 100ml

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Barbieri Italian Moisturizing Shaving Conditioner. Contains jojoba oil and aloe vera, which together treat and repair damaged beard hair, creating a soft and thick finish. The product has been specially developed for the long beard.

Fragrance: Fresh wooded fern. A beard comb is recommended to apply the conditioner.

Package size: 100ml

Barbieri Italiani was accidentally found in our range when Sonja and Tuomo wandered the streets of Bologna in Italy. Great-looking products had been placed on the window of a barber shop, which immediately caught my attention. Inside the barber’s chair was a gentleman shaving traditionally with a knife. There were great scents in the air and the atmosphere was like an old movie.

After a short time, Barbieri Italian's products also arrived at our boutique commissions! These products, made entirely in Italy, are related to the care of a man's beard and hair. The products are designed by Italian barbers and they use them in their work.

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