Shave wild boar hair with chromed handle⎪Omega

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Omega's razor with genuine wild boar hair. Good flotation properties. Chrome-plated plastic handle for a firm grip.

Shaving brush size: 109mm

Wild boar hairdressers are coarser and stiffer than badger hairdressers, for example, and are ideal for foaming hard shaving soap. Especially as a new wild boar hair brush, it may feel stiff but softens quickly during use. However, some prefer firmer hair due to its massaging sensation. Wild boar puppies are also a great value for those looking for a classic shave.

It is always advisable to shave after a shower, as warm water softens the hair and skin, making shaving easier and more comfortable. It is especially advisable to leave the wild boar hair brush soaked in warm water during the shower so that the bristles soften before using the wolf. The wild boar brush absorbs water, so it is advisable to allow the razor to dry properly for at least two days between shavings. Omega is a well-known Italian family business that produces quality products, from carefully selected materials, with long experience.

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