Linen trousers osPosillipo 1930

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These beautifully toned, yellow-creamy linen pants are the absolute choice for summer coils! Lightweight and non-abrasive linen is an extremely comfortable and non-abrasive material even in the hottest conditions.

The delicate yellowish cream is really easy to combine with the shade as it lives, it fits well with shades of brown, blue and even gray.

I wear a stylish collared shirt or blazer.

Material: 100% linen

Made in Italy.

Posillipo 1930 products are made in a small sewing shop in Naples. All products are handcrafted with meticulous finishing and high quality Italian fabrics. Posillipo 1930 plays an important role in the Italian and Made in Italy markets, offering exclusively Italian production, tailor-made professionalism and careful supervision at every stage of production.

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