Black jacket Ringo⎪Reykjavik District

Product code: RD-RIN6-1-S


Reduced price: 134.50 € (Norm.269 €)
Size: S

The timelessly stylish black Reykjavik District Ringo jacket is a very versatile alternative to a casual blazer.

The Ringo jacket, which fits just the right fit and is upright, bends into many situations and wholes! In colder weather, it is an excellent substitute for a more relaxed blazer, while in warm weather, the Ringo is also a great jacket for outdoor use. You can quickly change the style from neat to rougher by lifting the collars upright. The details of the various buttons bring a lovely edge and the great cut of the jacket stands out.

The wonderfully soft and comfortable wool fabric is easy to maintain and for the most part just the ventilation is enough to keep the jacket clean and fresh. The advantage of wool fabric is also its incredible breathability! In cold weather, wool warms and in warm weather it stays comfortably light and cool.

Black is always a stylish and elegant color that really works in any situation. This Ringo jacket is definitely a credit wardrobe that won't leave you in the lurch, whether you're looking for an easy jacket for casual wear or a more casual blazer for work.


Material: 100% wool < / p>

Reykjavik District is a small garment sewing industry, each garment is made in only a very small quantity. This allows for more varied options for dressing and the wearer always has their own individuality, these are not countered and are not mass produced.

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