Dark blue overcoat osPosillipo 1930

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Stylish half-length overcoat. This is a great intermediate jacket and is suitable for everyday use, for example. Very clean and restrained appearance. The jacket is easy to combine with other clothing and is of such a length that the blazer, for example, stays under it. Metal buttons and stitching crown this jacket with every detail.

The jacket has a gray detachable collar. The jacket can be held either with the collar in place, so you can also fasten the jacket with a zipper in addition to the buttons. When the collar is removed, the jacket becomes lighter and this jacket can therefore be used in many ways at different times of the year.

The fabric is made of high-quality wool, which is very soft. The beautiful deep blue color is suitable for a wide range of occasions.

The jacket has partial light padding.

Material: 100% Virgin wool

Made in Italy in the small sewing shop of Posillipo 1930 with care and respect for tradition.

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