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White linen shirt is a great choice for summer dress. The linen shirt is crowned by a nice casual stand-up collar.

Shirts made of wonderfully soft and very light and unpolished linen are the most versatile garments for summer coils, as they work great as a friend of shorts or chinos or, in a more festive situation, dressed under a blazer.

Beautiful linen surface and excellent breathability make the shirt an absolute choice for wearing warm weather. The best thing about linen is how it just gets better and softens even more when washed and used. So you will get credit for this shirt for years to come!

White linen shirt is a classic that works and remains a timelessly stylish alternative year after year without getting tired.

The casual and fun tangerine collared shirt is a little shorter than a normal collared shirt and should be worn over the pants.

Note. the sleeves can also be wrapped and fastened with buttons so that they stay neatly up all day long.

Material: 100% linen.

Washing instructions: Wash at 30 degrees.

Color: White.

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