Waterproof Redford mid-season jacket eReykjavik District

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The blue plaid, waterproof Redford mid-season jacket is the perfect choice for neat casual wear! This really stylish Reykjavik District jacket works great everyday with a collared shirt or sweater, or when you are wearing a suit.

The jacket is just the right fit and timeless, the Redford jacket is also great for many body types.

The blue checkered fabric has just the right twist but is still easy to combine with other shades and patterns. An absolute choice for a style-conscious gentleman! The waterproofness of the jacket is definitely Plus and the wool blend fabric breathes well, keeping you warm and dry.

The jacket has two larger pockets, as well as two good-sized chest pockets.

Color: Blue-gray. Material: 50% wool, 50% nylon. This allows for more varied options for dressing and the wearer always has their own individuality, these are not countered and are not mass produced.

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