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Article: Ascot scarf - the perfect accessory for a man!

Ascot-huivi – täydellinen asuste miehelle!

Ascot scarf - the perfect accessory for a man!

Every gentleman should have this elegant accessory called an ascot scarf in his wardrobe.

The Ascot scarf brings a relaxed twist to your outfit and a nice change to a classic tie or bow, while still maintaining a stylish overall look. Despite its long tradition, with the Ascot scarf you can add a touch of something new and different to your outfit.

Wrap this luxurious silk tie-like scarf around your neck, under a collared shirt, and depending on your style, leave one or more of the top buttons open. You can freely wear a suit, blazer, vest or even a stylish sweater over the collared shirt.

The Ascot scarf is preferred as an accessory for less formal occasions and traditionally it has been a typical substitute for a tie, especially for daytime wear. On this day, however, you can stretch these limits a little, as long as you do it with confidence and listening to your own style, always using judgment in accordance with the spirit of the occasion and respecting the organizer with your dress.

The birth of the Ascot scarf

The roots of the Ascot scarf go back to 18th century England. The Ascot scarf is named after the galloping track in the town of Ascot, where the annual Royal Ascot ali Ascot galloping races are still held.

From 1807 onwards, in the royal audience, the dress code was an ascot scarf alongside a jacket and a top hat. Thanks to the galloping competitions and through the royal example, Ascot gained a foothold as part of elegant dress and spread to great popularity for more than a hundred years, an absolute part of the suit.

The Ascot worn with the sash was originally gray or silver according to the label, but later in the 1800s, after the label got a little looser, more colorful ascot scarves were also used. During Ascot's golden age, it served as the most official accessory for daytime events.

However, the popularity of the Ascot scarf waned with the use of regular suits and ties. The English mod culture of the 1960s momentarily brought the Ascot back into the use of subculture men, but since then the popularity of the ascot scarf has once again fallen behind the bow and tie.

Nowadays, you come across an ascot scarf less often, but it definitely turns eyes and attracts admiration. After all, it is definitely a personal accessory as part of dressing.

Versatile use of the Ascot scarf

An Ascot scarf is an accessory to tie under a collared shirt, which is used as a substitute for a tie. A scarf tied around the neck is a great choice for occasions where a tie is too formal. If the dress code is Smart Casual, you can easily wear an ascot scarf around your neck instead of a bow or tie.

Many consider an ascot scarf and a plastron scarf to be the same accessory, but this is not the case. A plastron is an accessory similar to an ascot scarf, but it is worn over a collared shirt and fastened with a tie pin. Plastron is less often seen, as it is mainly used in wedding attire combined with sake.

The silk scarf can be combined with a blazer and a collared shirt or worn more casually with a V-neck sweater. Ascot also works really well as a waistcoat!

Many consider the ascot scarf to be a summer season garment, and there is a noticeable increase in demand for them, especially when spring comes. We still believe that according to the style of the 2020s, everyone's own personal style and preferences in dressing rise past the formal labels, and the ascot scarf is also suitable for use in autumn and winter. Thus, at Saarni, ascots are part of the selection all year round.

The purpose of the Ascot scarf is to bring details and color to the outfit, so there is no need to be timid when choosing a colorful silk scarf.However, for a more traditional and understated style, a gray, silver or blue ascot scarf is a great choice 

If you want to "set some rules" for the use of the ascot scarf, they would perhaps be related to the fact that next to a strongly patterned or strongly colored scarf, it would be good to choose a solid color or more neutral shirt, in which case the ascot scarf will get the rights it deserves and stand out from the outfit in the appropriate way. If you wish, you can choose a pocket square to match the shades of the ascot scarf, like a tie and a bow tie, thus combining the outfit down to the last detail.

Ascot scarf tying

The tips of the Ascot scarf are the same length and width. When wearing a tie scarf, the top or two top buttons of the collared shirt are left open, the scarf is tied nicely around the neck with a simple knot, on the inside of the collar of the collared shirt.

The Ascot scarf differs from a traditional silk scarf in that it is sewn to shape and is not too long. The folds are sewn into the neck, which gives the scarf durability, and it sits better on the neck and does not get too high on the neck.

This excellent accessory is very easy to use and does not require special knots and techniques. Perhaps the best thing about an ascot is that it is comfortable on the neck, because it does not tighten or squeeze the neck.

  1. Leave 1 or 2 buttons on the collar open
  2. Put the ascot scarf around your neck so that the ends of the scarf remain the same length
  3. Knot a light "ordinary" knot close to the neck
  4. Place the ends of the scarf under the collared shirt
  5. "Spread" the knot appropriately

 Watch the video how to tie an ascot scarf

Ascot scarves in the Saarni boutique

Saarni boutique's ascot scarves are made of high-quality and light silk and you can wear them without worry even in the summer heat, because they feel pleasant and breathe well around the neck. Instead of a tie or a bow, the Ascot often feels more comfortable to wear, and it doesn't feel as if it's strangling the wearer.

Our silk scarves are unique, beautifully patterned and deliciously colored and they are handmade in Italy. In our selection, you will of course also find monochromatic and more harmonious options for a more restrained taste. Check out our comprehensive selection of pre-tied, gorgeous ascot scarves!

Check out the ascot scarf selection


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