Shaving waxes & combs

A well-groomed beard is a very stylish beard! With beard wax, you can shape your beard and the wax makes sure that it stays in the extension. Beard wax is strong and is particularly suitable for styling mustaches and beards. The beard balm is lighter and has conditioning properties. Beard balm is especially suitable for longer beards and cares for beard hair.

Using shaving wax is easy. Scrape the balm or wax into the palm of your hand and warm it up so that it becomes more flexible. Apply to the beard first from the bottom up and then shape the beard by smoothing with your fingers and finally comb downwards.

Beard shampoo is a soap specially developed for washing beards. Many people use regular shower soap to wash their beards, but we at the boutique definitely recommend shaving soap. The soap developed for the beard cares for and really cleans the beard and is gentle on the skin.

With a beard comb and a beard brush, you can grow your beard! An excellent tool for shaving and you get a clean end result. The beard brush cleans the beard, removes dead skin and other impurities from the beard, making it shiny. You can get the best result by using a beard brush in shaving every day.

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