Stylish and high-quality equipment is also part of motorcycling. Leather, handmade helmets and goggles exude a vintage feel and are full of great detail and a careful handprint.

If you want a touch of more personality and a stylish twist for your motorcycle hobby, it's time to turn to the unique Baruffald and their Italian products. Handmade helmets and goggles not only look good but also last time and wear. High-quality materials, careful design and years of experience combine to create the most amazing products.

The perfect combination of classic motorcycle helmets with modern design has created timeless entities that work now and in the future. Stunning open-face helmets and hoods remind every gentleman of the more stylish side of driving.

Of course, a state-of-the-art helmet needs a pair of equally stylish driving goggles, and our collection includes many different types of goggles suitable for driving and other purposes. So choose stylish driving goggles as a friend for your motorcycle helmet and the perfect whole is guaranteed.

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