Gift ideas

What about a gift for a man?

That's the question that created something really different, namely this boutique. The founder of the boutique, Sonja, was tormented a few years ago by what she would buy as a Christmas present for her husband. She knew the man liked quality products and always missed something extra and different. While Christmas was coming again, and there was no idea for a man's gift, the idea came that now Finland needs its own boutique where you can find everything nice and different, without forgetting the quality. So we in Saarn’s bitches really understand how hard it is to find a gift for a man and that’s why we always invest in good gift tips. Whatever the age of the man in the boutique, you will also find tips for those who already have everything. Our products are made in small workshops all over Europe, mainly by hand. You will find a selection in the boutique that is not available elsewhere in Finland.

High quality Christmas present for a man

What about a gift for a man who values ​​quality and individuality? In the selection of boutiques you will find really great individual gifts. How about a gorgeous bow that is handmade and completely unique. Or glass cufflinks that are not the same. When you want a long-lasting and durable gift, it’s a good idea to choose a classic gift that lasts time and use, and doesn’t go out of style. The very stylish leather bags and briefcases only get better from year to year and patinate beautifully. A high-quality and unique gift is a great gift idea for a man for whom durable products are important without compromising on style.

Tips for choosing a gift

An excellent gift for a bearded man is a nice shaving kit with everything you need to shave. For the bearded person, the stylish shaving set is a great gift. The razor is a quality gift for those interested in classic shaving.

When you want to invest in a long-lasting gift, for example, a stylish leather weekend bag or briefcase is a really great and valued gift. This gift will last for years! A leather toiletry bag is also a very great gift for a man who already has everything, less often this should be bought for himself but is very liked and necessary and lasts from year to year.

High quality pen handmade from wood is one of the most popular gifts. All pens are made from stunning different types of wood and each pen is unique. In the selection you will find high-quality ballpoint pens as well as fountain pens. This is a gift that will last for a while and is a must.

Practicality and style as a gift

A practical gift is definitely a high quality leather belt. A leather belt is an accessory that almost every man wears and is a great gift that is sure to find use. The high-quality leather belt is stylish and you can find colors from edge to edge in the boutique's selection. For example, what about a red or turquoise leather belt?

Different suspenders suitable for gift recipients of many ages. The braces have a selection of classic braces, colorful and even skull-patterned braces. So everyone has their own style of braces to get a nice detail on how to dress.

Classic accessories are a great gift for a man who wants to invest in getting dressed. Stylish Silk Scarves and Ascoth Scarves are a classic choice for a gentleman who appreciates style. Glass cufflinks are an accessory that is a favorite gift for many men, because when the party comes, they are needed just then. Cufflinks have also been a nice gift for the groom, these leave a nice memory and go along with life.

Here we pick up our best tips for a Father's Day gift, a Christmas present and a birthday present for a man. Of course, you can also find gift cards in the boutique.

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