Walking shoes

Stylish walking shoes complete a man's outfit. High-quality shoes are comfortable to walk on and last from year to year.

Brogue patterned shoes bring a suitable casual style to your outfit. The name Brogue refers to the decorative patterning of the shoe. The Brogue patterned shoe can be made of, for example, Oxford, Derby or Chelsea. Brogue patterning is a toothing made on the edge of the leather as well as a patterning made by perforating, the perforated patterning is often also done on the toe of the shoe. Each of the most typical patterns has its own designation such as Half brogue or Full brogue. Full brogue patterned shoes that use different colors of leather or different all-material inserts are called Spectator shoes and are usually shoes that live up to their name and are not guaranteed to overshadow others.

Traditionally, Brogue patterned shoes have been considered suitable for more casual wear, but with a good sense of style, these eye-catching shoes can also be worn with a costume and also as party shoes when only the dress code and other outfit are taken into account. For example, with a tailcoat, only a black patent leather shoe is used, so brogue shoes are naturally not the right choice. The use of Brogue textured as a party shoe divides opinions across countries, in some countries the label is interpreted more literally than in others. In Finland, the brogue shoe can be worn at a party and with a costume.

You will look great when you choose the same shade and style of belt as the shoe. If your brogue shoe looks good, you may need to choose another outfit to keep it stylish.

In the ash you will find a comprehensive selection of Brogue patterned shoes, both in subdued beautiful shades and in a fresh variety of colors and combinations. Some of the models are designed by us and made only for the Saarni boutique, these stand out from the crowd in style!

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