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Bojua is an Italian company with more than two decades of experience whose passion is to produce stylish accessories. All their high-quality accessories are handmade from carefully selected materials. Bojua follows ever-changing trends and designs new accessories based on them in cooperation with its own partners. The aim is to constantly update the collection, to best meet the changing needs of its customers. With Bojua's accessories, you complete the style for both everyday life and parties, all year round.

Bojua carefully manufactures its entire selection and emphasizes the practicality and elegance of the products. In the selection you will find wonderful neckerchiefs, hats and flat caps that are an excellent addition to a man's outfit, whether your style is casual or formal. For party dressing you will find the perfect accessories such as ascot scarves, long silk scarves and wonderful handkerchiefs.

We visit Italy a couple of times a year, when we design a collection suitable for the boutique. We always take into account the wishes of the customers and strive to modify the collection in such a way that it serves our customers the best. Colors, models and materials are carefully selected, creating a perfect selection of accessories for both everyday life and parties.

The most important elements of the collection are high-quality materials that are pleasant to hold. The most popular products are handmade flat caps, which are the perfect accessory both in winter and summer. Light scarves and thicker neckerchiefs are an easy way to create a new look in an outfit. We always choose a lot of colors and gaudy patterns in the selection so that there are also options for the more daring dresser. Accessories make it really easy and quick to create a new look for an outfit. You can never have too many accessories, and you can change them to suit your mood, colors and patterns bring more personality - feel free to experiment.

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Sold outCheckered flat cap blue⎪BojuaCheckered flat cap blue⎪Bojua
Sininen flat cap⎪ Farkku⎪ BojuaSininen flat cap⎪ Farkku⎪ Bojua
Sold outBeige checkered flat cap⎪Bojua
Sininen raidallinen flat cap⎪ BojuaSininen raidallinen flat cap⎪ Bojua
Save 50%Checkered dark blue flat cap⎪ BojuaCheckered dark blue flat cap⎪ Bojua
Checkered dark blue flat cap⎪ Bojua Sale price€29,50 Regular price€59,00
Black mittens⎪Bojua
Black mittens⎪Bojua Sale price€19,90
Sininen pellavahuivi⎪BojuaSininen pellavahuivi⎪Bojua
Sininen pellavahuivi⎪Bojua Sale price€59,00
Vaaleanharmaa pellava flat cap⎪ BojuaVaaleanharmaa pellava flat cap⎪ Bojua
Sold outMusta raidallinen kaulahuivi⎪ BojuaMusta raidallinen kaulahuivi⎪ Bojua
Save 50%Brown checkered flat cap⎪BojuaBrown checkered flat cap⎪Bojua
Brown checkered flat cap⎪Bojua Sale price€29,50 Regular price€59,00
Save 50%Beige flat cap ⎪ Bojua
Beige flat cap ⎪ Bojua Sale price€29,50 Regular price€59,00
Sold outSave 40%Black felt hat ⎪ Bojua
Black felt hat ⎪ Bojua Sale price€35,40 Regular price€59,00
Sold outTummanharmaa pipo⎪ BojuaTummanharmaa pipo⎪ Bojua
Tummanharmaa pipo⎪ Bojua Sale price€49,00
Sold outRuosteen oranssi ruudullinen kaulahuivi⎪ BojuaRuosteen oranssi ruudullinen kaulahuivi⎪ Bojua
Sininen ruudullinen kaulahuivi⎪ BojuaSininen ruudullinen kaulahuivi⎪ Bojua
Burgundy kuviollinen kaulahuivi⎪ BojuaBurgundy kuviollinen kaulahuivi⎪ Bojua
Ruskea pellavahuivi⎪BojuaRuskea pellavahuivi⎪Bojua
Ruskea pellavahuivi⎪Bojua Sale price€59,00
Ruskea pellava flat cap⎪ BojuaRuskea pellava flat cap⎪ Bojua
Sold outRaidallinen tummanruskea villahuivi⎪ BojuaRaidallinen tummanruskea villahuivi⎪ Bojua
Raidallinen ruskea villahuivi⎪ BojuaRaidallinen ruskea villahuivi⎪ Bojua
Sold outRaidallinen sininen villahuivi⎪ BojuaRaidallinen sininen villahuivi⎪ Bojua
Sold outSininen raidallinen kaulahuivi⎪ BojuaSininen raidallinen kaulahuivi⎪ Bojua
Sold outVaaleansininen kuviollinen kaulahuivi⎪ BojuaVaaleansininen kuviollinen kaulahuivi⎪ Bojua
Musta kuviollinen kaulahuivi⎪ BojuaMusta kuviollinen kaulahuivi⎪ Bojua