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Chiarugi is a manufacturer of high-quality leather briefcases and leather bags from Italy with a long tradition in manufacturing. Chiarugi bags are made from top quality materials, with care and precision to withstand everyday use. Chiarugi products are the choice for men who want practicality, durability and style.

Great products made for us 

We visit Chiarugi a couple of times a year and customize a collection suitable for our customers. Chiarugi is located in a beautiful region of Tuscany where the tradition of manufacturing leather products is strong. It is always a pleasure to visit beautiful landscapes and discover wonderful new products.

Long history

Chiarugi was founded in 1969, continuing the tradition of Florentine leather craftsmanship. It has always been important for Chiarugi to support the tradition of making by hand and to use traditional methods that guarantee the excellent stylish appearance and durability of the products. The passion to create trendy products has also been passed down from father to son without compromising on quality and elegance. The skills and the oldest methods of Italian leather processing and working and their appreciation, as well as unfailing modern taste are combined in these wonderful leather products. The companyhas gone through fashions and trends, but quality and elegance have always been the number one priority.

The design of briefcases and bags always starts with practicality

Chiarugi invests in practicality and each product is carefully thought out. The design takes into account the stylish appearance and the fact that the product is made for use. Ever-changing needs have also been taken into account so that sizes and interiors are taken into account with practicality in mind.

In the briefcases you will find many pockets and various details that guarantee that all the necessary items will find their place in the briefcase. The large leather briefcases are equipped with a clip on the back, which allows the briefcase to be transported conveniently in the carrying handle of the suitcase. The briefcases have a padded handle, which makes it really pleasant to carry the briefcase even if there is more weight in the briefcase. Large briefcases can hold up to a 15.6-inch device. Each briefcase comes with a carrying strap that is easy to attach.

Small messengers work for the daily needs of a modern man, where you can find the necessary pockets for a phone as well as space for an iPad, a great solution for a holiday trip.

The perfect choice for a weekend trip is of course a weekend bag. The bags are designed to be just the right size for a trip of a few days or why not for daily use as a gym bag.

Versatile collection

Chiarugi's collection also includes messenger bags. These bags really exude quality and messenger bags are designed for everyday use. Messenger bags give you a more relaxed look and they can be carried conveniently on the shoulder thanks to the wide strap.

The collection includes a good selection of large leather backpacks that can conveniently fit a computer. Usability has been taken into account in the leather backpacks, the back of the backpacks is made of fabric where the leather backpack does not rub on the back. The straps of the leather backpacks are suitably wide and padded, so the backpack is pleasant to use even if there is more weight in the backpack. The leather bag has a separate padded pocket for the computer where the computer stays conveniently in place.

A very popular collection from Chiarugi is the Old Tuscany collection where the leather is dyed so that it has a very lively surface. In the Old Tuscany collection, you can find a casual briefcase, a weekend bag and a backpack. The collection also includes a very stylish small messenger bag.

Chiarugi offers real craftsmanship and style, straight from Italy. Check out the entire stylish Chiarugi selection and fall in love with the quality and ease of use!

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