Shirt holder ⎪ Black ⎪NV Holder
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Black sleeve ⎪No Sugar
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Shirt braces & sleeves

The shirt holder keeps the collared shirt down so it doesn't go out of the bag. Many men run into the problem that the collared shirt doesn’t stay beautifully in the pants but it gets up and bags. The shirt holders make the shirt stay neat in your pants. The shirt holder works in collared shirts as well as other shirts that you want to keep inside the pants. Thanks to the adjustable clips, the shirt holder works with a wide range of shirts.

The collared shirt may have sleeves that are too long, which can be annoying and cause you to see too much underneath, for example. The sleeves help to lift the sleeve upwards so that the sleeve of the shirt is just the right length. Great help for long sleeves and the sleeves look very stylish.

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