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Takapara is a small, Polish manufacturer of socks. The idea for Takapara was born over a cup of coffee and the idea was to make something interesting, significant and pleasing to the eye, but above all something real. Takapara started producing everyday and stylish colorful socks with excellent quality. The high quality of the products can be ensured by manufacturing all socks in the city of Lodz, which has a long history in the textile industry. All Takapara socks are made from high quality Öko Tex certified yarn.

The colorful socks were born from the passion to create something new

While studying in France, Lukasz started working in an international car parts manufacturing company. From the first day, however, he knew that he wanted to start his own company one day. However, the idea had time to grow relatively long - ten years. He was waiting for an idea that would knock his socks off and make him leave the safe office job for a great adventure.

Lukasz wanted to make something interesting, something remarkable, something that pleases the eyes, but above all we wanted to make something that would come true. The idea of ​​creating TAKAPARA was born in 2015 in the Off district of Lódź over a cup of coffee. Quite by accident, Lukasz realized that crazy socks have always been his passion and he realized that this is what he wants to do - colorful socks. Colorful socks are an expression of creativity for something that each of us needs in everyday life. After a year of preparation and collecting start-up capital, the long-awaited moment has arrived. In May 2016, TAKAPARA was officially founded - a sock brand that stands out for its exceptionally high-quality and classic geometric design, as well as its strong colors.

Since 2016, a lot has changed, Takapara has developed more and more every day, and Lukasz enjoys learning new things and moving his company forward. He considers creating his own brand a great adventure and wants to do this for a long time to come.

Manufacturing nearby and ecologically

Lukasz lives in Lodz, Poland, a city with a rich history of textile production. For Takapara, it is important that the production is ecological and of high quality. Of course they could make the products in China or Turkey because we all like cheap prices ... but they don't. For Takapara, it is important to preserve the textile industry of the city of Lodz because they appreciate the possibility that the production can be done in their home country and through this provide their own small part of employment to their hometown. The streets of Lodz have also inspired the names of different sock models.

Quality is Takapara's trademark in addition to colors and patterns. The socks are made of the best yarn on 200-needle Italian knitting machines, which produces colorful socks of exceptional quality. Takapara relies on a carefully developed procedure, and the workers have experience and know-how to make the socks perfect and durable.

Colorful socks - for everyone who appreciates quality

One of the starting points of the assumptions of the TAKAPARA brand is to bring more life and a new look to an element of the wardrobe - socks. The socks have traditionally been quite dark and the patterning has been boring. With Takapara socks, everyone can play with colors and patterns without restrictions. What a great idea to bring color to life with a small detail. Every day you can start your day with a little boost and choose the socks that best suit your style.

The colorful socks are a kind of tribute to world-class artists.When it comes to design, inspiration does not come from the classics of art, but also from the trends in architecture, design and painting. Lukasz is constantly looking for inspirations around him and also from everyday life. He wants to offer his customers perfect socks that respond to today's gentleman's desire to play with dressing, without forgetting quality.

Classic taste is perfectly suited to socks with a traditional pattern, which just rightly brings individuality to dressing.  These socks feature classic geometric shapes with bold colors. The design uses inspiration from architecture and colorful gardens. You can wear appropriately colored socks with the suit when the occasion allows it.

Socks are not that serious, so with colorful socks you can really bring out your personality. You can wear colorful socks both in the summer and in the winter, for winter wear colorful socks are often the only splash of color around dark outfits. In the summer, colorful ankle socks perfectly crown a light summer outfit and they work great as a companion to loafers and shorts.

In Takapara's selection you can also find restrained and high-quality merino wool socks. The stylish socks are made of high-quality yarn and offer luxury to discerning customers who appreciate quality and want to keep a suitable understated style. Merino wool socks are light, so you can use them all year round. Each sock is packed in a stylish box, so these socks are also an excellent gift idea for men.

The sock collection not only responds to the latest trends, but also offers endless opportunities to combine patterns and create unique styles.


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Keltaiset sukat⎪ Takapara Sale price€14,90
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Yellow patterned socks 15M1⎪ Takapara
Yellow patterned socks 15M1⎪ Takapara
Yellow patterned socks 15M1⎪ Takapara
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Yellow patterned socks 15M1⎪ Takapara
Yellow patterned socks 15M1⎪ Takapara
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Yellow patterned socks 15M1⎪ Takapara
Yellow patterned socks 15M1⎪ Takapara