T-shirts & linen shirts

A quality men's t-shirt or a stylish linen shirt completes a relaxed and light outfit. 

The T-shirt saves the everyday wearer

A well-fitting and high-quality t-shirt is one of the safest and easiest choices for everyday wear. In warm weather, the t-shirt works as it is, for example with shorts or chinos, it can be worn as an undershirt under a sweater, for a casual party or leisure time, a clean t-shirt can even be combined with a blazer to create a trendy and relaxed ensemble. 

A pure white t-shirt is an undeniable classic in all its freshness and simplicity, but you can have color too! Combine beige chinos with, for example, a green or pink short-sleeved shirt and easily add a touch of color to your outfit.

Linen free shirts for wearing in hot weather

A light and highly breathable linen shirt is the perfect choice for wearing on hot summer days. A casual but stylish linen shirt works great both for neat everyday wear and for relaxed parties. 

Wear a linen shirt as it is with shorts, chinos or, for example, linen pants, and a carefree summer outfit is guaranteed. For a more festive situation, a linen shirt can be combined with, for example, straight trousers and loafers or moccasins. A linen shirt also works perfectly in place of a collared shirt, worn under a blazer.

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