Use the cufflinks to finish the outfit. With cufflinks, you combine the cuffs of a collared shirt, or cufflinks, this has traditionally been a stylish detail in a formal outfit, but the popularity of cufflinks has also grown in stylish casual wear. Cufflinks are used on the sleeve of the collared shirt to give a finished effect to the entire outfit. Cufflinks are often used in formal wear, but colorful cufflinks give you a personality to wear with, for example, a little jacket.

Cufflinks can be selected according to the handkerchief, for example, or if you want a more subdued set, you should choose monochrome cufflinks. The patterned cufflinks give you a suitable personality.

For cufflinks, you need a shirt with holes in the cuffs for cufflinks. In the selection of boutiques, you will find, for example, shirts with buttons on the cuffs, but also holes for cufflinks. You can wear a casual shirt without cufflinks, and when you want to turn a shirt into a party shirt, you can add stylish cufflinks to your cuffs.

Cufflinks are also a great gift idea, for example, as a hanging gift that goes with adulthood. A great gift idea even for a man who already has everything, there can never be too many different cufflinks.

In our selection you will find glass cufflinks which are a nice alternative to the traditional silver cufflinks. The glass cufflinks are handmade in Venice on the island of Murano and are made of Murano glass. Every couple is unique and different.

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