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An overcoat is an essential garment that is needed almost year-round. It is worth choosing an overcoat that is both stylish and durable. A mid-season coat will serve you well in the cooling autumn weather, and in spring, it's nice to switch to a lighter coat after the winter storms. A wool coat will keep you warm in freezing temperatures, and a thicker winter coat will surely provide warmth. 

A casual overcoat works excellently for everyday wear. A short overcoat is practical and comfortable to wear. We always choose materials that are durable and of high quality. A good overcoat lasts for years and a classic style never goes out of fashion. An unlined coat works great when you want to choose a lightweight coat. A fantastic choice for autumn weather is long waterproof trench coats. 

When you want a classic and elegant solution for winter dressing, a long wool coat is the right choice. A long wool coat works great, for example, with a suit. It's important to consider the material in a wool coat; a proper wool coat is made from high-quality wool fabric. Of course, a long wool coat doesn't have to be boring; with different cuts and details, this classic garment can reach a new level and is perfect for a young gentleman. 

A short wool coat is practical for winter dressing. It is easy to wear and just the right length to use even with a blazer. A short wool coat with lining is a warm solution that works in many occasions.  

A good overcoat stands the test of time 

A high-quality overcoat lasts for years in use. When the materials are of good quality and the coat is carefully made, it lasts a very long time. When choosing a long-lasting coat, it's also worth considering that it stands the test of time, meaning it is timeless. When a coat is thoughtfully designed and incorporates elements from classics, it will also endure in terms of style. If you want a long-lasting coat, it's advisable to choose a color that is easy to match with other clothing. An absolute favorite in wool coats, for example, is navy blue. 

In our boutique, you will find an excellent selection of various overcoats. All our coats have nice details and high-quality materials. All our overcoats are such that you cannot find them anywhere else in Finland. Many of our coats are specially sewn in small quantities for our boutique, so we offer a very unique selection.