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Shoe care set in a gift box⎪ FamacoShoe care set in a gift box⎪ Famaco
Dark brown chamois shoe⎪NobileDark brown chamois shoe⎪Nobile
Dark brown chamois shoe⎪NobileDark brown chamois shoe⎪Nobile
Dark brown chamois shoe⎪NobileDark brown chamois shoe⎪Nobile
Dark brown chamois shoe⎪NobileDark brown chamois shoe⎪Nobile
Ruskea nahkakenkä⎪ Derby⎪ Cerruti SergioRuskea nahkakenkä⎪ Derby⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Tummanruskea nahkakenkä⎪ Derby⎪ Cerruti SergioTummanruskea nahkakenkä⎪ Derby⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Musta Oxford nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti SergioMusta Oxford nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Konjakin ruskea nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti SergioKonjakin ruskea nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Viininpunainen nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti SergioViininpunainen nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Tummansininen nahkakenkä⎪ NobileTummansininen nahkakenkä⎪ Nobile
Punainen nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti SergioPunainen nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Sinimusta nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti SergioSinimusta nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Ruskea nahkakenkä⎪  Crocco ⎪ Cerruti SergioRuskea nahkakenkä⎪  Crocco ⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Vaaleanruskea nahkakenkä⎪ Campalto⎪ Cerruti SergioVaaleanruskea nahkakenkä⎪ Campalto⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Ruskea nahkakenkä⎪ Oxford ⎪ Cerruti SergioRuskea nahkakenkä⎪ Oxford ⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Tummanpunainen nahkakenkä⎪ Brogue ⎪ Cerruti SergioTummanpunainen nahkakenkä⎪ Brogue ⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Musta nahkakenkä⎪ Oxford⎪ Cerruti SergioMusta nahkakenkä⎪ Oxford⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Musta nahkakenkä ⎪ Kuvioitu Oxford⎪ Cerruti SergioMusta nahkakenkä ⎪ Kuvioitu Oxford⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Ruskea nahkakenkä ⎪ Crocco⎪ Cerruti SergioRuskea nahkakenkä ⎪ Crocco⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Vaaleanruskea nahkakenkä ⎪ Brogue⎪ Cerruti SergioVaaleanruskea nahkakenkä ⎪ Brogue⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Ruskea nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti SergioRuskea nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Ruskea nahkakenkä ⎪NobileRuskea nahkakenkä ⎪Nobile
Ruskea nahkakenkä ⎪Nobile Sale price€176,61
Dark brown upper shoe⎪ Cerruti SergioDark brown upper shoe⎪ Cerruti Sergio


The importance of shoes in a man's dressing cannot be emphasized enough! Often a high-quality shoe is the one around which the rest of the outfit is chosen and the one that says more about the wearer than any other single piece of clothing.

In the boutique's selection, you are guaranteed to find shoes with a unique personality. Our selection includes many shoes that we have designed ourselves and these have only been produced for the boutique's selection. Personalized shoes really stand out and bring out the wearer's style.

In our selection you will find suitable shoes for all seasons and occasions. For the warm summer weather, we offer great Jars and loafers. In the summer, it's nice to invest in colors when dressing, and that's why you can always find colorful summer shoes in the collection. For snowy winters, it's good to choose high-quality ankle boots that keep socks dry without compromising on style.

Men's shoes for a wedding are a really good opportunity to invest in high-quality shoes and bring out your own personality. The groom's shoes are a great opportunity to bring a little touch of uniqueness to the wedding dress by choosing, for example, Jacopo Ridolfi's hand-painted shoes, each pair of which is handmade and no two pairs are the same.

How do you recognize a high-quality shoe?

The high-quality shoe has an edge sole and is made of first-class leather. The edged sole is a sign that the shoe will withstand time and use, because the sole is sewn to the upper instead of being glued. In this case, the shoe is also easy to repair, depending a little on the fastening method. The most common methods are Goodyear Welt and Blake welt, the first of these can also be done by hand, the latter required a special sewing machine to attach the sole. Both methods have their own strengths, the Goodyear Welt sole is particularly easy to repair, while the Blake Welt gathers supporters, e.g. for its flexibility and lightness. 

Get to know men's shoe models

The most common models of men's shoes are oxford and derby, which are used with a suit, but also work for casual wear. Other models include e.g. monk, Chelsea boots ankle boots and various loafers.

Saarni boutique's selection stands out in addition to the traditional brown and black shoes in different shades with colorful and interesting models, a large part of which are made only for us with care and professionalism. Just for you, who want to walk the streets in shoes you deserve!