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Beiget chinot⎪ Reykjavik DistrictBeiget chinot⎪ Reykjavik District
Beiget chinot⎪ Reykjavik District Discount price€149,00
Light blue chinos⎪ Reykjavik DistrictLight blue chinos⎪ Reykjavik District
Light brown chinos⎪Reykjavik DistrictLight brown chinos⎪Reykjavik District
Blue chinos⎪Reykjavik DistrictBlue chinos⎪Reykjavik District
Blue chinos⎪Reykjavik District Discount price€149,00
Dark blue chinos⎪Reykjavik DistrictDark blue chinos⎪Reykjavik District
Green chinos⎪Reykjavik DistrictGreen chinos⎪Reykjavik District
Green chinos⎪Reykjavik District Discount price€149,00
Ocher-colored chinos⎪ Reykjavik DistrictOcher-colored chinos⎪ Reykjavik District
Red chinos⎪ Reykjavik DistrictRed chinos⎪ Reykjavik District
Red chinos⎪ Reykjavik District Discount price€149,00
Dark brown chinos⎪ Reykjavik DistrictDark brown chinos⎪ Reykjavik District
Brown chins⎪ Reykjavik DistrictBrown chins⎪ Reykjavik District
Brown chins⎪ Reykjavik District Discount price€149,00
Burgundy chinot⎪ Reykjavik DistrictBurgundy chinot⎪ Reykjavik District
Gray chins⎪ Reykjavik DistrictGray chins⎪ Reykjavik District
Gray chins⎪ Reykjavik District Discount price€149,00
Black chins⎪Reykjavik DistrictBlack chins⎪Reykjavik District
Black chins⎪Reykjavik District Discount price€149,00
Light Grey Chinos ⎪ Piero Gianchi CollectionLight Grey Chinos ⎪ Piero Gianchi Collection
Blue pants⎪ Piero Gianchi CollectionBlue pants⎪ Piero Gianchi Collection
Beige pants ⎪ Piero Gianchi CollectionBeige pants ⎪ Piero Gianchi Collection
Light grey patterned trousers⎪ Piero Gianchi CollectionLight grey patterned trousers⎪ Piero Gianchi Collection
Light green pants ⎪ NousLight green pants ⎪ Nous
Light green pants ⎪ Nous Discount price€129,00
Brown pants⎪ Piero Gianchi CollectionBrown pants⎪ Piero Gianchi Collection
Khaki-colored pants ⎪ Taranto ⎪ Piero Gianchi CollectionKhaki-colored pants ⎪ Taranto ⎪ Piero Gianchi Collection
Light gray pants⎪ Piero Gianchi CollectionLight gray pants⎪ Piero Gianchi Collection
Brown pants ⎪ Franco ⎪ WeBrown pants ⎪ Franco ⎪ We
Brown pants ⎪ Franco ⎪ We Discount price€129,00
Dark blue trousers⎪ Piero Gianchi CollectionDark blue trousers⎪ Piero Gianchi Collection
Gray pants⎪ Lavello ⎪ Piero Gianchi CollectionGray pants⎪ Lavello ⎪ Piero Gianchi Collection


Chino trousers, or chinos, are cotton fabric trousers that you can wear year-round for any occasion where a suit is not required. High-quality chinos are perfect for a man who needs durable trousers for everyday use.

You can build outfits around stylish chinos for both everyday wear and special occasions. When the dress code is Smart Casual, you can confidently pair chinos with a collared shirt and blazer. Cotton trousers are perfect for winter when dressed more casually with a sweater, and in summer perhaps with a t-shirt.

Chinot - durable pants for everyday and special occasions

Our collection's chino pants fit a wide range of body types and feature moderately tapered legs. These relaxed yet stylish pants have a great fit and are comfortably stretchy. The cotton blend includes a bit of elastane, ensuring comfort.

Cotton trousers are definitely a trusted product among our customers due to their versatility. Chinos are available in many beautiful muted colors and are nice to pair with other outfits. Dark blue chinos are a reliable choice for basic wardrobe trousers, and with colorful ones like red chinos, you can add a fun twist to your outfit.

Chino pants were originally created for military use in the 1800s, and the color used was khaki. The name 'chino' comes from Spanish and means Chinese, as at that time the fabric material came from China.

We absolutely offer the best chinos ever, check out our size selection and fall in love!