Chino pants are made of cotton fabric that you can wear on all occasions all year round without a must. High-quality chinos are perfect for the man who needs durable pants for everyday use.

Around chinos, you can build outfits for both everyday and festive occasions. When the dress code is Smart Casual, you can safely put your chinos on your feet as a guy in a collared shirt and blazer. Cotton pants fit more casually in winter with a sweater and in summer with a t-shirt.

Chinos - durable pants for everyday and festive occasions

The chino pants in our collection are suitable for many body models and have moderately tapered legs. These casual but stylish pants fit well and are comfortably stretchy on the foot. There is a little elastane in the cotton for comfort.

Cotton trousers are definitely a credit product for our customers due to their versatility. Chinos are available in many beautiful broken colors and are nice to combine with any other outfit. Dark blue chinos are a credit choice for wardrobe panties, and colorful ones like red chinos give you a nice twist on dressing.

Chino pants were originally created for the military in the 19th century and were colored khaki. The name of the Chinese comes from Spanish and means Chinese, because at that time the fabric came from China.

We definitely offer the best chinos ever, take a look at our entire selection and enjoy it!

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