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Beauty care



Shower Gel ⎪ Royal Forest ⎪ Taylor Of Old Bond Street
Deodorant ⎪ Royal Forest⎪ Taylor Of Old Bond StreetDeodorant ⎪ Royal Forest⎪ Taylor Of Old Bond Street
Royal Forest luxury after shave lotion⎪ Taylor Of Old Bond Street
Shaving Cream Royal Forest⎪ Taylor of Old Bond StreetShaving Cream Royal Forest⎪ Taylor of Old Bond Street
Beard Oil⎪ Cavera BeetleBeard Oil⎪ Cavera Beetle
Beard Oil⎪ Cavera Beetle Discount price€16,90
Moustache Wax⎪ Cavera BeetleMoustache Wax⎪ Cavera Beetle
Moustache Wax⎪ Cavera Beetle Discount price€12,90
Body and hair wash⎪ Cavera BeetleBody and hair wash⎪ Cavera Beetle
Shaving Soap⎪ Cavera BeetleShaving Soap⎪ Cavera Beetle
Shaving Soap⎪ Cavera Beetle Discount price€16,90
Partabalsami⎪ Cavera BeetlePartabalsami⎪ Cavera Beetle
Partabalsami⎪ Cavera Beetle Discount price€26,90
Sold outPomade hair wax⎪ Cavera BeetlePomade hair wax⎪ Cavera Beetle
Pomade hair wax⎪ Cavera Beetle Discount price€24,90
Matte hair wax⎪ Cavera BeetleMatte hair wax⎪ Cavera Beetle
Matte hair wax⎪ Cavera Beetle Discount price€24,90
Spray Deodorant ⎪ Sandalwood ⎪ Taylor Of Old Bond Street
Moisturizing Gel Cream ⎪ I Coloniali
Bar Soap Jermyn Street⎪ Taylor Of Old Bond StreetBar Soap Jermyn Street⎪ Taylor Of Old Bond Street
Beard Balm⎪ Men’s Master
Beard Balm⎪ Men’s Master Discount price€14,90
Styling foam for beard and mustache⎪Men's Master
Beard Oil⎪ Men’s Master
Beard Oil⎪ Men’s Master Discount price€16,90
Sold outPersonna replacement blade pack ⎪Dovo SolingerPersonna replacement blade pack ⎪Dovo Solinger
Grab the bull by the horns⎪Half Ounce
Mühle shaving set Saarni synthetic - Gillette Mach3
Sold outJF Eau De Toilette ⎪Floris London
Sold outSantal Eau de Toilette ⎪ Floris London
No. 89 Eau De Toilette ⎪Floris London
Sold outDeodorant Cefiro⎪Floris London
Deodorant Cefiro⎪Floris London Discount price€49,00

Beauty care

Grooming is at least as important a part of men's appearance as stylish dressing. Traditional razors, shaving soaps, beard oils, pomades, fragrances, deodorants, and many other skincare products for men take care of your fresh and handsome look.

Luxury for shaving

The methods of classic shaving and the unwavering veterans of wet shaving, such as straight razors, single-blade safety razors, shaving brushes, bowls, and stands, provide the keys to a meticulous, neat, and gentle shave. Proven tools and shaving products made with extensive experience, such as shaving soaps and aftershaves, perfect the shaving experience. A high-quality shaving soap and a soft badger hair shaving brush are an unbeatable combination that turns everyday shaving into a barber-quality experience.

A well-groomed beard is always stylish

A well-kept and healthy beard looks good and exudes style. In beard care, you have various beard oils, beard and mustache waxes, soaps, and conditioners to help keep the beard hairs in good condition and in place.

The super popular beard oil is every bearded man's ace up his sleeve. The oil helps both the beard hair and the skin underneath, providing them with the moisture they need.  With styling products, you can keep your mustache and beard looking neat and in place throughout even the longest day.

Soap, fragrances, and deodorants

A clean and good-smelling man gives a well-groomed impression. A gentleman always smells good and knows how to use fragrances correctly and moderately.

High-quality and distinctive scents are pure and respectful of traditions. Many classics feature notes such as sandalwood, patchouli, musk, citrus, and cedarwood. There is a suitable option for everyone, tailored to their own style, occasion, and season.

By choosing soap, deodorant, and perfume from the same series, you give all the products in the series the best chance to achieve perfect effectiveness. 

Hair products for men

A stylish man's hair is neat and well-groomed. Classic pomades provide excellent hold and shine without hardening the hair. Milder, matte waxes are especially effective when you want a carefree hold and re-stylability for your hairstyle.

Natural and gentle materials that nourish both the scalp and hair make a high-quality product a good and effective choice.