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Grooming is at least as important a part of men's appearance as stylish clothing. Traditional razors, shaving soaps, beard oils, pomades, perfumes, deodorants and many other men's skin care products take care of your fresh and handsome appearance.

Shaving luxury

Classic shaving methods and steadfast veterans of wet shaving such as razors, single-edged safety razors, razors, bowls and stands provide the keys to a careful, clean and gentle shave. Approved equipment and shaving products made with long experience, such as shaving soaps and aftershaves, complete the driving pleasure at its peak. High-quality shaving soap and a soft badger hair razor are an unfailing combination that make everyday shaving a barber quality experience.

A well-groomed beard is always stylish

A beard that is kept neat and healthy looks good and exudes elegance. Different beard oils, beard and mustache waxes, soaps and conditioners will help you in beard care, which keep the beard hairs in good condition and growing.

The super popular beard oil is every bearded man's ace up his sleeve. The oil helps both the beard hair and the skin under the beard and gives them the moisture they need. With styling products, you can keep your mustache and beard looking neat and in place even throughout the long day.

Soap, fragrances and deodorants

A clean and good-smelling man gives the impression of being taken care of. A gentleman always smells good and knows how to use perfumes correctly and sparingly.

High-quality and unusual scents are clean and respect traditions. Many classics can be found, for example, with notes of sandalwood, patchouli, musk, citrus and cedar. There is an option for everyone that suits their style and situation, as well as the season.

By choosing soap, deodorant and perfume from the same series, you give all the products in the series the best chance to achieve their full effect. 

Hair products for men

A stylish man's hair is neat and looks well-groomed. Classic pomades give excellent hold and shine without hardening the hair. Milder, matte waxes work especially when you need carefree hold and reshaping of your hairstyle.

Natural and gentle materials that nourish both scalp and hair make a high-quality product a good and functional choice.