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Cerruti Sergio

Cerruti Sergio is a small Italian manufacturer of leather goods, whose trademark is bold collections, brilliant use of colors and, in the traditional Italian way, top quality and pride in their own making. Cerruti Sergio's shoes have options for bold as well as slightly more traditional dressing.

High-quality shoes are made respecting traditional methods

Sergio Cerruti is a Neapolitan shoemaker who produces not only under his own brand but also for several top international brands. The best thing is that we get to choose the leathers from which our shoes are made. Southern Italian traditions are followed in shoe manufacturing, so the quality is top class in every pair.

Long traditions in shoe manufacturing guarantee a high-quality shoe. Every detail has been carefully thought out and the shoe manufacturing has been polished to the highest level. It is very important for Italian shoe manufacturers to create durable and high-quality shoes, it is a matter of honor for them and often shoes are made by the efforts of several generations. Even today, these traditional teachings are valued and modified to be more modern, without forgetting the quality. These shoes really have great details and will last year after year even with hard use. The materials are always top class and genuine leather. Most of Cerruti's shoes have soles made with the Blake Welt method, which is more traditional in the Italian style. Shoes made with the Blake Welt method are flexible and graceful, and the stitching adds durability. A good shoe is always an investment and a high-quality, hand-made shoe is an absolute choice for a man who needs perfect shoes regardless of the occasion. Great dress shoes are always necessary and durable Ankle Boots and Chelsea Boots are an excellent choice for everyday use.

Personal shoes are always born with feeling

We visit Cerruti Sergio in Italy a couple of times a year and we choose the best selection of shoes that you can't find anywhere else in Finland. We want to bring personality to the selection, so we sometimes choose really bold models. For a more restrained taste, the selection includes black and brown dress shoes, but with perfect details. These shoes really exude quality.

Shoes are always designed listening to one's own feeling for each element. We go through Cerruti Sergio's huge leather stock and always want to find the best treasures. Sometimes I would like to make shoes out of all these leathers because each one is so wonderfully special! For the collection, we choose leathers according to the purpose of use, darker colors for winter shoes and weather-resistant ones.

We always bring color and truly personal solutions to the summer selection. We always follow our own feeling, and that's why our selection has included, for example, loafers with floral patterns. The collection must be different and personal. The best thing about these shoes is the bold patterns that tell the story of the wearer and at the same time we get to leave our own mark on Finnish men's shoe fashion.

An excellent last crowns the shoes

Italian shoes are often thought of as very narrow shoes, but Cerruti Sergio's shoes have an excellent fit and the last fits Finnish feet well. We have received a lot of praise for the fact that we also have large sizes, we take almost all shoes up to size 45, and some models come in sizes up to 46. We are therefore able to offer personalized shoes for many feet.

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Tummanvihreä kuviollinen nahkavyö ⎪ Crocco ⎪ Cerruti SergioTummanvihreä kuviollinen nahkavyö ⎪ Crocco ⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Ruskea kuviollinen nahkavyö ⎪ Crocco ⎪ Cerruti SergioRuskea kuviollinen nahkavyö ⎪ Crocco ⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Tummanruskea kuviollinen nahkavyö ⎪ Iso Crocco ⎪ Cerruti SergioTummanruskea kuviollinen nahkavyö ⎪ Iso Crocco ⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Tummanruskea kuviollinen nahkavyö ⎪ Crocco ⎪ Cerruti SergioTummanruskea kuviollinen nahkavyö ⎪ Crocco ⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Tummanruskea kuviollinen nahkavyö ⎪ Kiiltävä Crocco ⎪ Cerruti SergioTummanruskea kuviollinen nahkavyö ⎪ Kiiltävä Crocco ⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Sold outMusta kuviollinen nahkavyö ⎪ Kiiltävä Crocco ⎪ Cerruti SergioMusta kuviollinen nahkavyö ⎪ Kiiltävä Crocco ⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Ruskea nahkakenkä ⎪ Brogue Oxford⎪ Cerruti SergioRuskea nahkakenkä ⎪ Brogue Oxford⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Tummanharmaa nahkakenkä ⎪  Derby Crocco ⎪ Cerruti SergioTummanharmaa nahkakenkä ⎪  Derby Crocco ⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Vaaleanruskea nahkakenkä ⎪  Derby Crocco ⎪ Cerruti SergioVaaleanruskea nahkakenkä ⎪  Derby Crocco ⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Tummanvihreä nahkakenkä⎪  Derby  ⎪ Cerruti SergioTummanvihreä nahkakenkä⎪  Derby  ⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Viininpunainen nahkavyö ⎪ Cerruti SergioViininpunainen nahkavyö ⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Viininpunainen nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti SergioViininpunainen nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Konjakin ruskea nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti SergioKonjakin ruskea nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Musta Oxford nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti SergioMusta Oxford nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Tummanruskea nahkakenkä⎪ Derby⎪ Cerruti SergioTummanruskea nahkakenkä⎪ Derby⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Ruskea nahkakenkä⎪ Derby⎪ Cerruti SergioRuskea nahkakenkä⎪ Derby⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Ruskea nahkavyö ⎪ Crocco ⎪ Cerruti SergioRuskea nahkavyö ⎪ Crocco ⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Punainen nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti SergioPunainen nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Sinimusta nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti SergioSinimusta nahkakenkä⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Ruskea nahkakenkä⎪  Crocco ⎪ Cerruti SergioRuskea nahkakenkä⎪  Crocco ⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Vaaleanruskea nahkakenkä⎪ Campalto⎪ Cerruti SergioVaaleanruskea nahkakenkä⎪ Campalto⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Ruskea kuviollinen nahkavyö⎪ Cerruti SergioRuskea kuviollinen nahkavyö⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Ruskea kaksivärinen nahkavyö⎪ Cerruti SergioRuskea kaksivärinen nahkavyö⎪ Cerruti Sergio
Tummanvihreä kuviollinen nahkavyö⎪ Cerruti SergioTummanvihreä kuviollinen nahkavyö⎪ Cerruti Sergio