Beard oil

Good and high quality shaving oil is a credit product for the bearded man! With good shaving oil, you will keep your beard looking soft and well-groomed! The well-groomed and clean beard looks very stylish. Even if you are not used to using different products to treat splendor, we definitely recommend that you use at least shaving oil for shaving. Shaving oil also helps with itchy skin under the beard.

Shaving oil has many good and caring properties. Among other things, the oil strengthens and softens the beard hair. It also soothes, nourishes and nourishes the beard and also the skin under the beard. Shaving oil is used not only to care for the beard but also to shape the beard, as the oil sticks the hair out. However, for best grip, use shaving wax.

Shaving oil is easy to use. For best results, it is recommended to use shaving oil daily. Before applying the shaving oil, it is advisable to wash the beard with shaving shampoo. After showering, use a damp or dry beard. First apply the oil to your palm. Apply by rubbing the oil first on the fingertips and then evenly over the entire beard. Finish the result with a beard comb.

We have a good selection of shaving oils in different scents, so you are sure to find your favorite! We also have fragrance-free shaving oil, which is great for those who are sensitive to odors and sensitive skin.

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