The use of a handkerchief has also become more common in casual wear. With a handkerchief, you bring a twist to the outfit and changing the handkerchief gives the blazer a nice new look. For formal occasions, a white or monochrome handkerchief folded into a narrow line is an elegant choice, but in casual wear and more casual occasions, it is desirable to tear the handkerchief a little with the colors, patterns and folds. Fun folds can also be made of handkerchiefs, which are divided into four parts with different patterns and matching colors. By varying the folds, you can highlight different patterns by alternating them, so you get many looks from one cloth. You can use the handkerchief with a tie, bow or Ascot scarf, or the handkerchief works great as an eye-catcher without any of these.

The handkerchief as such completes the personal blazer. Without it, the blazer will easily look like something has been forgotten. The handkerchief also makes it easy to highlight other details of the blazer or highlight a certain shade, for example.

A high-quality handkerchief is identified by its hemmed edges. Hand-made stitches may make the edge a little uneven, but give the edges a life that benefits the folds.

Asar's selection of silk and linen handkerchiefs, hand-finished, of course!

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