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Bochicchio Cinture

Bochicchio Cinture has been manufacturing leather products by hand in Italy for over 30 years. Stylish and perfectly finished products are born from a passion for the manufacture of leather products. Bochicchio Cinture specializes in the production of small leather goods such as belts and wallets. They also have strong experience in handling different leathers such as alligator, crocodile and python. The excellence of Bochicchio Cinture is based on the careful selection of materials, the constant search for quality combined with precision and extreme attention to detail.

Strong tradition in leather processing

Production takes place in a small workshop in the wonderful scenery of Florence. There are 5 employees in Vittorio's workshop, all of whom have gone through precise training in traditional belt manufacturing techniques. Long traditions are strongly visible in everything we do, but still attention is drawn to fashion and its trends. Continuous development and interpretation of materials in innovative forms is part of Bochicchio Cinture's success. The wisdom of leather craftsmen and artisan traditions meet the needs of those looking for a refined and exclusive Made in Italy product. All belts are completely handmade in their own workshop, each belt is carefully inspected to ensure that the quality is excellent. Bochicchio Cinture represents the Florentine leather craft tradition at its best.

A quality leather belt is an accessory at its best

A leather belt is a classic accessory that hardly ever goes out of fashion. It combines both practicality and elegance. Each belt tells about its wearer, so you can use the belt to bring out your own personality. At Bochicchio Cinture, the belts are designed down to every detail. A large part contains different materials and their combinations. The materials are always genuine leather and the metal parts of the belts use nickel-free metal. Special materials such as python are very wonderful in themselves and completely unique belts are created from them.

We visit Vittorio's workshop a couple of times a year and get to know the new products. For the boutique's selection, we have selected unique and different men's belts that best serve our customer base. We want to offer as wide a range of colors as possible, for example in different shades of brown, so that it's easy for you to find a belt in just the right shade for brown shoes. In our selection, you can also find spectacular belts made of Python leather, which are the choice of the bold wearer. A colorful belt brings just the right mood to an outfit and is a great choice for summer dressing, for example. We have a wide selection of colorful men's belts. A yellow belt, a red belt or even a turquoise belt is the choice of a personable dresser. A high-quality men's belt stands up to time and use. Bochicchio Cinture is definitely a choice for a man who appreciates quality and craftsmanship.

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