Suit shoes

Suit shoes crown the festive whole. The shoes used with the suit can be roughly divided into two groups, the Oxford and Derby model shoes. In the Oxford shoe, the upper is smoothly fastened under the toe of the shoe, while in the Derby model, the pieces to which the ribbon fastening comes are sewn on top of the toe. In a Derby shoe, the toe and the tongue of the shoe are a single piece, unlike in Oxford, where these are separate pieces.

Another important thing when choosing a suit shoe is the sole and especially the way it is made. As a suit shoe, especially at parties, it is worth favoring high-quality leather-based shoes made by traditional methods. Of course, a sewn-on leather sole is also a much more comfortable, high-quality and durable choice than a glued sole, not to mention the style. In the structure of the leather sole, two traditional methods are preferred, Blake Welt or goodyear Welt, named after their developers. Both ways have their advantages and supporters. At Saarn, most of the shoes are made using the Blake Welt method, which is more typical of an Italian shoe. The strengths of this method are e.g. more flexible structure.

The most traditional and safest choice for a suit shoe is the Oxford thin-soled shoe, especially if the outfit is to be attended with a suit.

In the past, the black shoe has been thought to be the safest and most versatile of all, but really today, brown seems to have supplanted that idea. A dark brown shoe is often easier and safer to combine with many different shades of suit, with the exception, of course, of a black suit, with which a black shoe is probably the only right choice.

In Finland, a Derby-style leather shoe is also perfect for a suit shoe, when only the tone and style are taken into account. In some countries, however, the etiquette is more literally followed and the Derby shoe is perceived as the most casual dress. So you should always keep this in mind when thinking about getting dressed for different occasions at home or in the world.

In the ash, you will find high-quality, traditionally made shoes in both shades and patterns in both oxford and Derby to tint in the office or dazzle at parties! We will be happy to help you choose the right shoe that suits you and your style.

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