Beard care

The well-groomed beard is very stylish! With a little effort, you get a really stylish and clean beard. One of the absolute most popular and best products for shaving is shaving oil. Shaving oil softens the beard so it makes the beard comfortable and soft. Shaving oil treats the skin under the beard, so if your skin is itchy or flaky then you should use the oil. There is no need to put more than a couple of drops of oil so they are really plentiful. In the selection you will also find stylish gift boxes that are sure to be a pleasant gift for the bearded man.

With shaving wax you can get your beard stretched. Patabal balm is also a good alternative to shaving, beard balm is slightly lighter in composition than shaving wax and more caring.

Shaving soap completes shaving routines. The soap, developed for shaving the bodies, treats the beard and the skin. After shaving, you should still treat your beard with shaving cream.

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