Because Sonja couldn't find a gift for Tuomo.

This gave rise to the idea of ​​the boutique of Saarni. During Christmas 2015, I was in pain when I couldn’t find a gift for Tuomo, and I stated that now men need their own boutique where the selection is unique and different. That's where it left off ;)

I wanted to set up a boutique with a wide range of stylish products for men who value quality and individuality. There is, of course, a great selection of gifts for men in the boutique, so our customer base also includes women who want to find different gifts, whether it is a birthday gift or a Christmas gift.

In addition to the online boutique, a brick and mortar store can be found in Turku, Finland (Kauppiaskatu 4) The first boutique opened its doors on April 1, 2016.

Unique and different

Our product range is one you won't find anywhere else in Finland. We act as an importer ourselves and offer a unique range. We also design a lot of products ourselves, so you will find a completely unique range of products made just for us in a small batch.

So this boutique is definitely a choice for those who want something unique over the gray mass. The products come from all over Europe, a lot of handicrafts, even from one-man workshops. Unique and unique. We are such an unprecedented boutique that if you have a chance, come and see the selection, because you have to see it all with your own eyes.

Turun putiikki The boutique has a wide variety of products that a man needs in his life. Products for men's lifestyle; shoes, clothes, leather bags and briefcases and accessories, as well as seasonally special products that are closely related to a man’s life. Here you will also find products for classic shaving, such as razors, shaving soaps, razors, razors and skin care products.

The range can be found for gentlemen of all ages. The classic style with a twist is suitable for many and due to the wide range of options, there is something for everyone. We have customers from young people over 70 years old. The style of dress is always sought for each customer individually, and everyone can find their own style in classic suits, in a more casual loose jacket.

We love service! You can always come and visit us and we will be happy to help you choose the right products for you and your taste.

All online boutique products can be found in the Turku boutique. Please note that not all boutique products can be found in the online boutique, so you should visit us to take a look. We encourage you to follow on Facebook where we update as new products arrive.

See you!

-Sonja, boutique keeper