Shaving sets & stands

With a stylish shaving set, you will definitely get everyday luxury. In the selection you will find all the necessary products for classic shaving. The sets include a razor, a shaver and a stand. Choosing sets with a bowl where you can conveniently get shaving soap. The bowl shaving set is a good choice when you want a complete set for shaving.

A high-quality shaving set is definitely also a great gift for a man. The shaving set is stylish in the bathroom and all the necessary shaving tools stay neatly displayed thanks to the stand. A shaving set is a popular gift for a spouse or father, for example. Who wouldn't appreciate a high-quality tool that is needed every day and at the same time brings a touch of luxury to everyday life.

The boutique's selection includes versatile sets for shaving. You can choose a shaving set with either a classic safety razor or a Gillette razor. Safety razor is an excellent choice for shaving when you want to get a careful result with less skin irritation. If a traditional planer is more to your liking, in the selection you can find Gillette planers with either a Mach3 blade or a Fusion blade.

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