Shaving is commonplace for many men. With high-quality, just-in-the-box products, you can turn this seemingly conventional procedure into an enjoyable experience with a variety of shaving styles, scents, and products.

Wet world

Traditional wet driving methods have once again become very popular among modern men. Knives and single-blade safety-razor razors are the choice of many for absolutely clean and gentle driving. The blades of the replacement blade and safety razor are easy and inexpensive to replace and are also a much more environmentally friendly solution than a standard multi-blade planer.

Wild boar and badger haired razors have also lifted their heads and returned as a permanent piece to shaving men, to help form a perfect shave. The bushy, soft and pleasantly gentle badger hair brush is also suitable for sensitive skin, moisten the suti, take a small amount of shaving soap and lather the rich shaving foam on your face. The wild boar wolf, on the other hand, is perfect for a person who likes a stiff and slightly rougher wolf that also gives a great exfoliating quality.

Shaving creams and soaps

The range of shaving soaps and after shave products is huge, there are hard lump soaps with and without bruises and a softer and more fluffy shaving cream. There is also a wide range of after-shave after-shave products available for shaving, for example in both spray and ointment forms.

The spectrum of scents is also intoxicating, fresh sea buckthorn or green aloe Vera? The classic sandalwood evokes many memories and the fresh eucalyptus keeps the palette clean.

Experimenting with different products is guaranteed to find the right option for you, but a good rule of thumb is to choose products with delicate skin and preferably for sensitive skin, and for best results, choose products from the same range that support each other.

Flotation bowls and racks

The razor and planer rack significantly extends the life of these products. The rack allows the planer and Sud to dry properly and properly after shaving, while keeping them clean and tidy. The bowl, on the other hand, makes shaving easier and keeps a separate cup of soap clean.

In addition to their practicality, shaving accessories are also a beautiful element in the interior of a bathroom. Which is why it is also nice to invest in their appearance. A stylish shaving stand and a bowl complete the look of a gentleman's bathroom.

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