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Mühle is a German, third-generation family business that manufactures traditional shaving products with decades of experience. Mühle's product range includes various products related to shaving and shaving care. Mühle products are known for their quality and detailed finishing. Mühle is one of the world's leading suppliers of high-quality wet driving accessories.

Revolution in shaving

Hundreds of years ago, long-term regular shaving was a privilege only for those with "deep pockets". The innate luxury of this grooming ritual was expressed in elaborate shaving tools, made up of meticulous detailing and precious metals such as silver. The invention of new shaving tools meant that a smooth cheek no longer depended solely on access to a barber and thus the spread of shaving began.

Sheffield here in the UK, Thiers in France and Solingen, Germany were European manufacturers where razors were being produced on a large scale in the mid 19th century. Thus, straight razors became affordable also for middle incomes, which enabled safety razors to become more common.

However, this male ritual is still an experience that is dignified and ceremonial - the tools that surround it are upgraded into luxury products by their shape and the materials used.

Long traditions in manufacturing guarantee perfect shaving products

When company founder Otto Johannes Müller produced the first shaving brush under the MÜHLE brand in 1945, it was made exclusively by hand. Mühle has preserved this professional skill and combined it with modern techniques that support the traditions of manufacturing.

The company's long traditions in Malminvuori and the expertise passed down from generation to generation still unite the 75 employees working in the company today. Mühle is constantly developing its products and it is important for them to set high standards for the products.

All products must be perfect and manufactured from high-quality materials. A lot of time is spent on each product, both in design and manufacturing. The final assembly of the products is completed by hand at the Stützengrün factory.

Mühle is constantly developing its operating methods in order to create even more sustainable products. The machines developed especially for MÜHLE guarantee the careful production of individual components, which improves the quality of the products. It is also important for them to take nature and ecology into account, so for example, a huge number of solar panels have been installed on the roof of the factory, which provide part of the factory's electricity. Materials and products are developed to be more sustainable, which reduces the need for consumption.

A great selection of shaving products 

Mühle manufactures really stylish shaving sets, with a choice of either a Gillette blade or a traditional safety razor. The safety razor has been growing in popularity for a few years also among younger men. We want to invest in shaving and Mühle products are the perfect partner for this. Mühle's shaving sets are, for example, an excellent gift idea for a man who wants practicality and quality.

Perhaps Mühle's most popular product is the classic safety razor R89. This is definitely a Mühle classic product. The planer is an excellent choice for beginners because it has a closed comb and is easier to control. In the selection you will also find the R41 planer with an open comb.

The perfect shaving cream is made of good suds and soap. Mühle's shaving brushes are designed to last and the softness of the brush is just right.Mühle's product range includes very rich shaving soaps and after shave products

Made of the best materials, perfectly designed and simply beautiful razors, razors and accessories remind you every morning that the best things in life take time and are worth investing in.


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