A practical and stylish umbrella is a useful accessory, especially in a country where you have to protect yourself from the rain all year round.

A high quality and carefully crafted umbrella is not only a stylish looking part of a dress but it really keeps the wearer absolutely dry and clean, through all the weather. And the umbrella is precisely the useful tool that you should invest in quality and sustainability.

Handmade umbrellas are a powerful thing, they have been designed and assembled with thought, time and effort, which is also noticed by passers-by. Choose the design and materials of your umbrella according to your style and needs.

The wooden-handed umbrella is very sturdy and durable, while the metal-handled version is slightly lighter to carry on a daily basis. The foldable umbrella is especially suitable for a busy and mobile trip, as it is easy and light to grab along whenever needed and makes it fit in a small space. The cotton-polyester blended shadow fabric is a very thick and durable material that does not turn around even in strong winds. There may also be color in the umbrellas! The black umbrella is a simple, stylish classic, but a blue, green or checkered shadow, for example, brightens up the dress a bit and stands out from the crowd with its personality.

So save time, money and nerves by getting a shade that stays stylish in all weathers and lasts a lifetime.

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