Soaps & creams

With a decent shaving soap, you get the perfect shaving foam which is a great choice instead of the traditional can shaving foam. Shaving soap or shaving cream is a step towards better shaving. With shaving cream, you get a soft lather that protects and moisturizes your skin, providing a better shave. Shaving soap softens the shaving hair and the ride goes better. High quality shaving soap is a great choice if you suffer from sensitive skin.

In our selection you will find hard shaving soaps and shaving creams. Hard soap is very plentiful. Hard soap has to be processed a little more than a shaving cream that is already in a slightly more flexible form.

The more flexible form of shaving cream has very good properties for wet shaving and is a great alternative to traditional shaving soap. The composition is already softer, so the foam is processed faster.

Using shaving soap

Shaving soap makes it easy to have a better driving experience. The best way to use shaving soap is with a razor. Soak the shaving brush under the tap and spin the shaving soap on the wand. Then froth the soap either in the palm of your hand or in a bowl. Creamy shaving soap is faster to use and doesn’t need as much foaming as hard shaving soap. When the foam is fluffy and resembles whipped cream, it is ready to be applied to the face.

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