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Exibit is the choice for a man who wants quality clothing made from good materials and stylish designs. Inspired by the rich history of Neapolitan tailoring, the Italian family business Exibit believes that the way we dress has a powerful impact on the impression we give of ourselves. Style is a beautiful way to express your personality.

Exibit stands out with a range of high-quality and natural materials around which their stunning collection is built. Exibit relies on intuition and meeting the needs of their customers in clothing production. The design of the clothes consists of an appreciation for timeless classics combined with a modern and fashionable look, which together create unique garments that are more beautiful than the last. 

Supporting a gentleman's festive and everyday attire

From the extensive selection of fresh and unique clothing at Exibitin, you will find high-quality and stylish options for both neat everyday wear and festive attire. 

High-quality, pleasantly soft, and breathable knits work perfectly for neat everyday wear all year round. In cold weather, a stylish turtleneck brightens up under a blazer, and in warm weather, for example, a cardigan is a good addition to your outfit when you need something light that is easy to take off and put on as needed, making your outfit warmer.

Fitted Italian blazers that combine the best aspects of high-quality materials and unique fabrics. At Exibit, you'll find stylish blazers that are perfect for both casual everyday wear and special occasions.

From the extensive and high-quality selection of pants, everyone can find options that suit their own style. Whether you're looking for neat wool trousers or perhaps casual and comfortable corduroy pants, in Exibit's collection you'll find options suitable for both more subdued and bolder tastes. 

At Exibiti, you will also find stunning vests to brighten up both your everyday and festive outfits! The vest works well on its own with a collared shirt or t-shirt, or paired under a blazer and suit. 

Exibit's accessories crown the outfit

Exibit also offers the dresser the opportunity to complete their outfit with guaranteed high-quality accessories. Various ties as well as merino wool scarves and beanies make a gentleman's style polished down to the last detail.


Discount 50%Brown patterned dress shirt ⎪ ExibitBrown patterned dress shirt ⎪ Exibit
Brown patterned dress shirt ⎪ Exibit Discount price€69,50 Normal price€139,00
Yellow knit tie⎪ Exibit
Yellow knit tie⎪ Exibit Discount price€59,00
Discount 40%Green Vest⎪ExhibitGreen Vest⎪Exhibit
Green Vest⎪Exhibit Discount price€89,40 Normal price€149,00
Discount 40%Green checkered vest⎪ExibitGreen checkered vest⎪Exibit
Green checkered vest⎪Exibit Discount price€89,40 Normal price€149,00
Discount 50%Light green checkered blazer⎪ ExibitLight green checkered blazer⎪ Exibit
Light green checkered blazer⎪ Exibit Discount price€174,50 Normal price€349,00
Discount 40%Light yellow cotton sweater⎪ ExibitLight yellow cotton sweater⎪ Exibit
Light yellow cotton sweater⎪ Exibit Discount price€47,40 Normal price€79,00
Orange patterned knit tie⎪Exibit
Orange patterned knit tie⎪Exibit Discount price€59,00
Orange Knit Tie⎪ Exibit
Orange Knit Tie⎪ Exibit Discount price€59,00
Green knit tie⎪ Exibit
Green knit tie⎪ Exibit Discount price€59,00
Discount 50%Gray overcoat⎪ExhibitGray overcoat⎪Exhibit
Gray overcoat⎪Exhibit Discount price€134,50 Normal price€269,00
Discount 50%Pink vest⎪ExhibitPink vest⎪Exhibit
Pink vest⎪Exhibit Discount price€69,50 Normal price€139,00
Steel blue knit tie ⎪ Exibit
Steel blue knit tie ⎪ Exibit Discount price€59,00
Light blue knit tie ⎪ Exibit
Light blue knit tie ⎪ Exibit Discount price€59,00
Dark brown knit tie⎪Exibit
Dark brown knit tie⎪Exibit Discount price€59,00
Dark blue knit tie with red pattern ⎪ Exibit
Discount 50%Blue patterned knit tie ⎪ Exibit
Blue patterned knit tie ⎪ Exibit Discount price€29,50 Normal price€59,00
Brown striped knit tie ⎪Exibit
Brown striped knit tie ⎪Exibit Discount price€59,00
Gray striped knit tie⎪ ExibitGray striped knit tie⎪ Exibit
Gray striped knit tie⎪ Exibit Discount price€59,00
Light grey knit tie ⎪ Exibit
Light grey knit tie ⎪ Exibit Discount price€59,00
Discount 50%White velvet overcoat ⎪ ExibitWhite velvet overcoat ⎪ Exibit
White velvet overcoat ⎪ Exibit Discount price€184,50 Normal price€369,00
Dark brown merino wool scarf⎪ExibitDark brown merino wool scarf⎪Exibit
Beige merino wool scarf⎪ExibitBeige merino wool scarf⎪Exibit
Beige merino wool scarf⎪Exibit Discount price€79,00
Gray merino wool scarf⎪ExhibitGray merino wool scarf⎪Exhibit
Gray merino wool scarf⎪Exhibit Discount price€79,00