The scents

The stylish gentleman's choice is a pleasant fragrance that lasts all day. High-quality Eau De Toilette and cologne are a sure choice for a man who wants a lasting fragrance that smells just right on the skin. There are many options for men's perfumes, so you should carefully choose a scent that pleases you, but definitely invests in quality.

Eau De Toilet are more durable on the skin and the concentration percentage is higher than cologne. However, even a high-quality cologne lasts excellently for a day on the skin and the scent does not disappear too quickly.

The high-quality fragrance lasts a long time on the skin. You don't need to spray it but a couple of sprays, and it smells just right. An excellent scent can be recognized by the fact that it only needs to be sprayed a little and it lasts on the skin all day. This is where quality really trumps quantity.

In the boutique's selection, we prefer manufacturers with a long tradition of making fragrances.

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