The Messenger bag is an absolute choice for everyday use by a stylish man. When your backpack is too big and on the road, or your leather briefcase feels strange and useless, a compact and more relaxed messenger bag is in place.

The messenger bag that fits comfortably on your shoulder meets your needs and works as a perfect accessory both on a daily basis and on holiday. The upright, genuine leather Messenger is perfect for carrying even with a suit, while the more casual, smaller bag is great to take with you on a trip. The shoulder bag, decorated in detail with buckles and pockets, also brings out the wearer's personality with restrained outfits. The choice of a busy man, on the other hand, may be a simple and straightforward, simplistic messenger bag that fits in with style as a credit enhancement at all times.

Our leather messenger bags come from traditional Italian manufacturers with decades of experience, who use only top-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship in their products. Black leather is a classically stylish and confident choice, while brown leather brings softness and is always more gorgeous when it gets a little patina on the surface.

Our comprehensive range includes leather messenger bags in many looks and sizes to make your everyday life much easier. Notepads, a tablet computer, sunglasses or even business cards and a wallet go with you in style and effort, every day of the year.

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