Foaming bowls

You can easily prepare perfect shaving foam in the foaming bowl. In the selection you will find different foaming bowls, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to a foaming bowl. In the boutique's selection, you can find foaming bowls with high edges as well as small foaming bowls and low-sided foaming bowls.

Using and choosing a frothing bowl

You can choose a frothing bowl based on your own preferences. A bowl with high edges is also suitable for storing shaving soap, so if you want to make lather directly from the soap into the bowl, you should choose a bowl with high edges so that there is room to make shaving foam. Smaller bowls are suitable for holding directly in the palm and the feel is different from larger bowls. If you prefer to use shaving cream, a bowl with a lower edge is better suited for this use. When choosing, also take into account the sweater you are using and its length.

Using the frothing bowl is easy. Add a splash of water (not too much) to the bottom of the frothing bowl and load the snot by rolling the snot on the surface of the hard soap. Or if you use cream, take it from the package with the tip of the spoon or squeeze it into the bottom of the bowl. Swirl the suds for about a minute in the foaming bowl and the shaving foam is ready.

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