Shaving bowls

You can easily make the perfect shaving foam in the frothing bowl. In the selection you will find different shaving bowls, each with its own preferences for the bowl. In the range of boutiques you will find high-edge bowls as well as small bowls and low-edge bowls.

Using and selecting a shaving bowl

You can choose the frothing bowl according to your own preferences. The high-edged bowl is also suitable for storing shaving soap, so if you want to make the foam directly from the soap into the bowl, you should choose a high-edged bowl to make room for shaving foam. Smaller bowls are suitable for holding directly in the palm of your hand and feel different than larger bowls. If you prefer to use shaving cream, a bowl with a lower edge is better suited for this use. When choosing, also take into account the suti used and its length.

The bowl is easy to use. Add a drop of water (not too much) to the bottom of the frothing bowl and load the suture by rotating the suture over the surface of the hard soap. Or if you use cream, take it from the wolf’s tip on the pack or squeeze it into the bottom of the bowl. Rotate the wolf for about a minute in the frothing bowl and the shaving foam is ready.

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