Self tie bow ties

The self-tying bow completes party dressing to its peak and gives the wearer free hands in personalizing the outfit according to their own taste and situation. When tying a knot, you can use your imagination and wonderful materials and shades and patterns open their colorful doors for the wearer

A smooth silky knot is stylish, and when a pattern is added to the smooth and colorful silk, you can easily bring the right amount of color and twist to the outfit. A colorful bow gives party dressing fun, freshness and lightnessA more subdued option for those who enjoy classic elegance is, for example, a black or silver self-tying bowThe self-tying knot made of grenadine woven silk is a very high-quality, spectacular and festive optionIn our Saarni boutique, you can find several self tie silk bows made of grenadine silk

Tying a self-tying knot requires a little more practice, but the effort will be rewarded later when you get to shine with your skills at the evening partyWhen it's time to change to something more casual at the party, the self-tying bow can also be opened and you can leave it casually hanging open on your shoulders

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