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Omega is an Italian manufacturer of leather gloves in Naples, where the tradition of glove making has been passed down through five generations.

Real people behind our products

In our boutique's selection, we want to offer a range of leather gloves that meets the needs of even the most demanding gentleman, so the leather gloves are custom-made specifically for Saarni's boutique.  In our selection, we have soft winter gloves made from sheepskin with a warm cashmere lining, as well as driving gloves made from soft leather. We design the gloves ourselves, ensuring a unique range of high-quality leather gloves.

We were visiting Naples and met Alberto, who eagerly shared the story of his company. He is the fifth generation of Omega and has been involved in glove making since he was a little boy, learning his skills from his father and grandfather. He continues this wonderful and unique glove factory that has been operating since 1923. 

We got to see how leather is processed, stretching it and then cutting it into a pattern so that all the necessary pieces are cut from the same leather. It is important to make the gloves from the same piece of leather to ensure that both pairs are as similar as possible. For Alberto, it is important that the work stages follow the old traditions of glove making. There is no automation; all the work stages are done by hand. 
The gloves are sewn in a small apartment located in the center of Naples, which is Omega's 'factory'. The place is personal and authentic, with old sewing machines exuding history. The gloves are sewn near the window so that natural light is at its best, making it easy to see all the details of the leather. 

A story spanning five generations

Some cities are historically associated with traditional craftsmanship, and Naples is the capital of glove production. This city is especially known for its glove manufacturing, which originated in one of the oldest districts called 'Sanità'. In 1923, Gennaro Squillace founded Omega Srl, which is the oldest glove factory in Naples. This traditional glove production has continued for over two centuries.

Quality is ensured by many work phases

The entire production process, including tanning, dyeing, and processing, belongs to the craft tradition since Roman times, and it takes place at the foot of Vesuvius under the close supervision of the Squillace family. Cutting, sewing, and quality control are carried out in a workshop located in the historic glove maker's neighborhood.

Despite the minimal appearance, the creation of a single glove requires as many as 25 production stages, each meticulously performed by hand by masters with 'lifetime' experience in this expertise. During the creation process, the glove passes through hands, experiences, and traditions that ensure unique and high-quality creations. 

Omega production is small-scale and limited, which always ensures the highest attention to detail. The gloves are made from the finest leathers, such as plongé lamb, peccary, and deer, and are lined with pure Biella silk and cashmere, guaranteeing the highest quality of Made in Napoli.