Razors & straight razors

There are many ways to shave, we offer the best tools. Classic shaving has steadily gained popularity, with the safety razor, for example, a very popular choice to replace a traditional razor like the Gillette. With the safety razor, you drive safely and accurately and, most comfortably, the safety razor becomes very affordable thanks to cheap replacement blades. Our most popular safety razor model is Mühle's R89 planer with a closed comb. This closed comb is good for beginners and the so-called. in basic use. When you want a degree-bolder tool, we recommend the R41 planer with an open comb. The traditional safety razor is a very ecological choice.

If you're interested in knife driving, a shavette is a great choice for knife driving practice. Shavette has a razor with a replaceable blade. With Shave you get the same feel as with a knife, but shavette is the so-called. maintenance free. Thanks to the replaceable blades, there is no need to sharpen the shavette. So the Shavette is the perfect choice if you want to drive with a knife but want a carefree knife. Replacement blades are easy to change and usually last a little longer depending on the thickness of the beard. You can also use Shavette with short blades, which are a good choice when you want to trim your beard, for example.

When you want to dive deeper in classic shaving, the choice is definitely a razor. A high-quality razor with a fixed blade is a very good choice for a classic shave. With good care, a razor will last for years. For the care of the razor, I need a sling with which the razor is serviced after each use. The sling is usually a leather belt that can be attached to the door handle, for example. Slinging should be done carefully and often enough to keep the razor sharp. Driving with a razor requires learning and with a knife you can start driving from an easier point on your face. When you get more of a knife ride, the harder parts run more easily. Shaving with a razor takes a bit of courage, but what’s more stylish than a classic razor.

Whether your choice is a safety razor or a razor, you get the best ride with high-quality shaving foams.

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