Leather bags, briefcases, leather backpacks and wallets bring luxury to a man's life!

When you need a quality tool, you should definitely choose a leather briefcase that is practical and very stylish. In the leather case, you carry everything you need during the working day. In our selection you will find large leather cases that can hold a 15.6-inch computer and smaller leather cases that carry a 10-inch computer or iPad.

A leather weekend bag or duffel bag is a great option, especially when it comes to style. You can easily slip into a big weekend bag with the necessary items for a couple of days. And what's nicer than choosing a toilet bag in the same shade where you carry the beauty care products in style with you.

A handy sized messenger bag is a great choice for everyday use. In the messenger bag, you carry daily items with you. If your choice is a smaller messenger bag, it works great for a holiday trip, for example. In a small messenger leather case, you can conveniently carry a book and sunglasses to the beach.

A fairer-sized messenger works as a more relaxed choice instead of a portfolio. In the selection you will find messenger bags that can conveniently fit your computer or iPad.

When you want a slightly more relaxed grip and need a practical yet stylish solution for everyday use, the leather backpack is definitely your choice. The leather backpack is really gorgeous and stands out to your advantage. A leather backpack is a great choice if, for example, you ride a bike to work or school.

With a leather wallet, you pay in style. You will find a wide range of leather wallets and you can choose the right wallet for you. The smaller card wallet conveniently comes with a few cards and is perfect for use with a suit, for example. When you need more space, your choice is a larger card wallet that can hold plenty of cards. If coins accumulate, you will also find stylish wallets with a coin pocket in the selection. All wallets are genuine leather. A stylish men's wallet is also a great gift idea!

See our wide selection, all products are handmade from genuine leather.

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