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After shave


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After shave


After shave is definitely a product that should be used after shaving. After shave cream moisturizes and soothes the skin after shaving. Even if your skin isn't sensitive, after shave is a product you shouldn't miss. With after shave, you get a pleasant feeling on the skin and it balances and reduces redness after shaving.

Choose after shave in either liquid or cream form. A creamy after shave is more caring and moisturizes more, so if you suffer from dry skin, we recommend choosing an after shave cream. In the selection you will find products that are specially designed for sensitive skin and contain aloe vera.

If your skin is not particularly sensitive, you can also choose a liquid after shave. Liquid after shave keeps the scent longer on the skin.

Using after shave is easy and fast. Pat the after shave lightly on a dry face immediately after shaving and let it absorb.

It's always good to have an alum stick in case you get a cut while shaving. With the help of an alum stone, you stop the blood flow quickly. Alum stone soothes the skin and disinfects and closes skin pores.