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Fabric pants

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Vaaleanruskeat ruudulliset housut ⎪ Xagon ManVaaleanruskeat ruudulliset housut ⎪ Xagon Man
Tummansiniset ruudulliset housut ⎪ Bojano ⎪ Xagon ManTummansiniset ruudulliset housut ⎪ Bojano ⎪ Xagon Man
Vihreät samettihousut ⎪ Breda ⎪ NousVihreät samettihousut ⎪ Breda ⎪ Nous
Tummanpunaiset samettihousut ⎪ Armand ⎪ NousTummanpunaiset samettihousut ⎪ Armand ⎪ Nous
Tummanruskeat samettihousut⎪ Piero Gianchi CollectionTummanruskeat samettihousut⎪ Piero Gianchi Collection
Tiilenpunaiset housut ⎪ Resia ⎪ NousTiilenpunaiset housut ⎪ Resia ⎪ Nous
Ruskeat housut ⎪ Franco ⎪ NousRuskeat housut ⎪ Franco ⎪ Nous
Hunajan väriset housut ⎪ Franco ⎪ NousHunajan väriset housut ⎪ Franco ⎪ Nous
Harmaat housut⎪ Lavello ⎪ Piero Gianchi CollectionHarmaat housut⎪ Lavello ⎪ Piero Gianchi Collection
Tummansiniset housut⎪ Lavello ⎪ Piero Gianchi CollectionTummansiniset housut⎪ Lavello ⎪ Piero Gianchi Collection
Gray plaid pants⎪ PosillipoGray plaid pants⎪ Posillipo
Gray plaid pants⎪ Posillipo Sale price€128,23
Harmaat ruudulliset housut⎪ Xagon ManHarmaat ruudulliset housut⎪ Xagon Man
Ruskeat villakangashousut⎪ NousRuskeat villakangashousut⎪ Nous
Red plaid pants⎪ PosillipoRed plaid pants⎪ Posillipo
Red plaid pants⎪ Posillipo Sale price€128,23
Ruskeat housut ⎪ NousRuskeat housut ⎪ Nous
Ruskeat housut ⎪ Nous Sale price€120,16
Mustat housut⎪Punto Milano  ⎪ Xagon ManMustat housut⎪Punto Milano  ⎪ Xagon Man
Burgundit housut ⎪Punto Milano  ⎪ Xagon ManBurgundit housut ⎪Punto Milano  ⎪ Xagon Man
Oliviinvihreät housut⎪ Punto Milano  ⎪ Xagon ManOliviinvihreät housut⎪ Punto Milano  ⎪ Xagon Man
Ruskeat housut ⎪Punto Milano  ⎪ Xagon ManRuskeat housut ⎪Punto Milano  ⎪ Xagon Man
Tummansiniset housut ⎪Punto Milano  ⎪ Xagon ManTummansiniset housut ⎪Punto Milano  ⎪ Xagon Man
Blue trousers Piero Gianchi CollectionBlue trousers Piero Gianchi Collection
Blue trousers Piero Gianchi CollectionBlue trousers Piero Gianchi Collection
Vihreät housut ⎪ NousVihreät housut ⎪ Nous
Vihreät housut ⎪ Nous Sale price€104,03
Siniset joustavat housut⎪ Xagon ManSiniset joustavat housut⎪ Xagon Man

Fabric pants

High-quality fabric trousers are a trusted item in a man's wardrobe, as they are suitable for both casual and party wear, regardless of the time of year. For casual parties, wear clean fabric pants with a collared shirt and a little jacket. Add even more accessories to complete your party outfit! You can get a more relaxed look by combining the pants with a t-shirt or sweater. High-quality fabric pants are durable and are an excellent choice for everyday use as well.

We have many fabric pants from different manufacturers in our selection, so you are sure to find the perfect pants for you! Pants made of high-quality materials guarantee comfort. Relaxed, yet stylish fabric pants suit many body types. The moderately tapered leg is suitable for men of all ages and gives the pants an excellent fit.

Fabric trousers are available in many colors and patterns, which can be easily combined with other clothes. Dark blue, brown and gray are the go-to colors you can't go wrong with. Check patterns bring a fun twist to your outfit.

Also check out our selection of velvet trousers! Cotton shorts are also an excellent choice for neat everyday wear.